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Selling Canon EOS 1DIV

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I’m selling one of my Canon 1D IV on eBay.  Here is the eBay Auction LINK.

My Canon EOS 1D IV is in great working condition. I’m including 4 batteries (2 factory Canon and 2 aftermarket batteries).  It has all manuals, charger and the original box.  The camera has cosmetic wear from regular use.  It has regular wear marks but sensor is perfect.  The back screen has always had a Giottos screen protector that I just removed so its in perfect condition.

As you can see in the photos, I have a Zucuto Z-Finder 3″ plastic Mounting Frame #Z-FRM on the back of the screen.  I recommend keeping it on because It protect the screen from dings.  I can keep it on, or take it off if you want ( The Z-Finder itself is not included in the auction)

I have large resolution photos that show the wear marks.  There are 3 main areas w/ regular use wear marks, the top left of the flash shoe, burnish mark on metal next to file counter / jog wheel and a skuf on the EOS-1 logo.

The Camera has had regular service from Canon Professional Services and I will remove it from my CPS inventory so you can add it to CPS.  The shutter count is only 56922.  This is not much for a camera that Canon rates for a minimum of > 300,000 shutter life.  Serial is 03203xxxxx

Why am I selling?  I’m upgrading this body to a 1Dc.