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5D Mark II good but not great – Waiting for 1D Mark IV for a pro video SLR

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Well I forced myself to set down my 1D Mark II for two months to use only the 5D Mark II.  I like the 5D Mark II , the video and full size sensor, image quality is fantastic. I use wide-angle lenses most of the time, so the extra wide from the full sensor has made me even close down my wide-angle shots to 24mm (hmmm is it time for the 24mm 1.4L II).  I am not sure if I am just used to the 1D buttonology, but I have found myself grumbling at the 5D buttonology multiple times now.  Often I bump the settings dial knob on top of the camera and change my RAW to JPEG or other annoyances. This is a pain and I have missed several shots because of the camera being bumped into an odd mode.

Just because of my hate for the 5D button layout I will probably dump the 5D when the 1D Mark IV comes out in October 09.  Not sure I will get one until after the Olympics because the large photo houses will get first dibs.  I wish the new Mark V would come with a full sensor to make it all that I need.  Canon would not want to loose its 1Ds megapixal superstar for a faster shooting 1D that does not have the mega numbers that the camera magazines like to fight the megapixels game.

This is nothing against the 5D itself, I just like having the two button push to change most modes on my camera.  I picked up the new pocketwizard remote for my speedlights and I hold it off the camera shoe.  I love the fact I can control the EV value from the 5D menu, its just that the combination of having to plug in the info then bumping the dial into some odd mode with not the settings I want make we wish for the two button requirements of the 1D.

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