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Chimera Super PRO Shallow Plus Bank softbox baffle problem

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Chimera pro shallow bankI purchased the Chimera Super PRO Shallow Plus Banks with the internal baffle to further spread the light from the softbox.  I also purchased the Chimera quick release Speedring for Profoto that allows me to quickly collapse the softbox in seconds without tearing down.  I found the new Chimera softbox no longer used the hook and ring method to secure the inner baffle.  They have replaced the functional and secure method with a small Velcro tab.   This Velcro tab is on the corner of each side of the baffle and a small Velcro one-inch wrap on the internal four rib corners of the softbox. This small amount of Velcro does not function well and I could not get more than three sides to connect at one time.  I thought I might have been missing a Velcro piece that would better secure the baffle so I contacted Chimera. To my disappointment the first response from Chimera was a generic help email that was of no help. I am unsure of why Chimera would change the design so I contacted a friend who is a Chimera hard core fan.  He stated that he does not use the internal baffles on the new boxes because he cannot get them to stay fastened.

For the record, I love the quick release Chimera speed ring and the quick collapse design.  I can set up a softbox in under 30 seconds and pack the sofbox in seconds.  I would love this for my Profoto Octabox!

I plan to contact Chimera again to see if I can get a better and more helpful solution on the poor inner baffle attachment

UPDATE 15 April : After contacting Phil at Chimera and showing him photos of the problem they are shipping me a new baffle FedEx to try.  I hope this works and will post updates.

UPDATE 19 April : Chimera sent me a new modified baffle via FedEx.  As requested they added two pieces of velcro to clip on both sides of the softbox velcro.  It works and I hope it becomes a standard design for Chimera’s baffles.

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